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Crystalyte US
1301 Pulliam Street
San Angelo, TX 76903

The Crystalyte US Mission is to supply experimenters, EV enthusiasts, schools, and colleges at the lowest price. We accept cash, check, or money order only. No paypal, no credit cards, no International orders. The cost savings is passed on to you. Smaller orders are fulfilled from ElectricRider's inventory in Texas. Larger orders are fulfilled from China. We do not answer product questions and we provide no support. We are all about the price.

Place your order on ElectricRider's website. At checkout, select the "Mail-In Payment" option and submit the order. Deduct 20% from the total of the order minus shipping. Do NOT deduct 20% from the shipping, as Fedex and USPS rates are not discounted. Send cash, check, or money order to the address above. If you send cash, we suggest using Fedex or UPS Overnight. Include your phone number and we will give you a courtesy call when it arrives.

Small orders: Stock is taken from ElectricRider's inventory in Texas and bench tested the day it is packaged and shipped. If your order is damaged in shipping, contact ElectricRider immediately. Save the box and all packing material for Fedex to pick up. A replacement order will be shipped.
Large orders: Most orders for over 50 systems will come with a larger shipment from China. Expect 8-12 weeks delivery unless you are willing to pay the big bucks for an air shipment directly to your door. Discount depends on the size of the order and payment terms.

People who buy from this site are knowledgeable LEV enthusiasts who know what they want, do not want or need support or a warranty, and are simply looking for the lowest price without having to buy several units. If this is not you, please buy from or another retailer who has staff to answer your questions and help you decide what is best for your needs. That approach turns out to be far less expensive in the long run.